The Basics of Proper Bench Press Technique

Proper bench press technique is not only necessary to get the most out of the workout. It is also vital for avoiding injuries. And depending upon the amount of weight you have on the bar, the injury you suffer could be severe. Obviously, this would not be a preferred outcome which is why it is necessary to utilize the proper mechanics with the exercise.

When performing a traditional bench press, you hand grip should be about the same width of your shoulders. This will allow the biceps, triceps, and shoulders to provide secondary support to the chest muscles. When you use a grip that is too wide, the bulk of the lifting will be performed by the outer chest and when too narrow the triceps handle much of the work. Now, there is nothing wrong with modifying the grips but you need to adjust the weight or else you run the risk of an injury. Again, your lifting ability will be much weaker when the grips are very wide or very narrow. If you cannot lift the weight properly and safely, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble on the bench.

The weight needs to be pressed and lowered in a controlled manner. When you lack control in your bench press technique, you cannot safely handle the weight you are carrying. This means you need to lift a moderate amount of weight that can be effectively controlled.

However, do not make the error of bouncing light weight off your sternum. Those that can easily handle the amount of weight they are lifting will sometimes raise and lower the bar so fast it bounces. This may not seem like a big deal at the time, but your sternum will be very sore the next day. And, by the way, rapid bench press technique is more for fat burning than muscle building. So, this probably method of lifting would probably not serve your intended goals.

What would a discussion of bench press technique without discussing how you rest upon the bench. You will need your back to remain flat on the bench. Not want your back to curl. You certainly do not want your lower back to be hanging off the bench. Doing so can lead to dropping the weight or hurting the back in some way. Stay flat on the bench or else you will run into trouble performing your presses.

Keep your feet flat on the floor. You don’t want them dangling or not rooted to the ground. You will sincerely upset your balance if you lift without placing your feet firmly on the ground. This creates a serious injury risk which is why you need to keep your feet firmly rooted.

Often, the best bench press techniques are those that are based primarily in simple common sense. Of course, a little extra attention to proper bench press form can take you far as well. Keep these points in mind and you will discover your bench press sessions could prove to be quite safe and productive.